Order of the White Rose Application

All questions must be answered completely and truthfully. In particular, we do not take applications that lack an answer for “Character Guild” as we do not accept Necromancers into the Order. Your application may be deemed unfit if we find out, during the course of your recruit evaluation period, that you were dishonest on your application.


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General Questions

* Please be aware that we are unable to accept applications from those who are already in another Order or Militia.  We also cannot accept more than one persona from the same account.

Roleplaying Information

About Other Organizations

About the Order of the White Rose

Additional Instructions

Filling this form out is your first step toward becoming a recruit of the White Rose.

Once we receive it, you will be contacted about scheduling an in-game interview. Both the application and subsequent interview will be posted to, and reviewed by all Councilors of the Rose, who will determine whether you should continue as a recruit.

Recruits go through an evaluation period of 30-60 days, during which time you will be expected to attend a number of meetings and events. You will find out much more about the requirements of membership and about the Order's mission and structure. The evaluation period is your best opportunity to interact with our members and prove your willingness to participate actively.

Good luck and thank you for your interest in the Order of the White Rose!

If you have any questions about the Order and/or this form please feel free to email me at drmysty@gmail.com

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